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Tomchei Shabbos of Miami was founded in 2009 by students of Rabbi Friedberg of North Miami Beach. Every Friday the organization distributes kosher food to more than seventy families throughout South Florida. Tomchei Shabbos means “supporters of the Sabbath” and that is just what the organization does.

Preparing Tomchei Shabbos packages.

Tomchei Shabbos believes in helping the Jewish needy without making them feel needy. There is 100 percent confidentiality for recipients. The nonprofit organization is unique. All donations go directly toward the cause. There are no salaries. All work is done by volunteers.

Donations are needed of food, money, toys, etc. Volunteers are needed who can give time for packing and delivering. All packages are put together on Thursdays in a warehouse and delivered to families in need on Friday.

Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Baruch Hashem packages and delivers free Shabbat food every Thursday to families in need without making them feel needy.

Our Mission

Tomchei Shabbos of Miami

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to stocking our pantry and see first-hand the families we help daily.

Hope in Action

  • Humanitarian needs in Miami
  • Feeding children throughout South FL
  • Helping families turn on electric and water
  • Referral of Rabbis and meals in the neighborhood



Urgent Projects

Locally, nationally and internationally, Tomchei Shabbos of Miami is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. We travel to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need.


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